European Photography 107/108: Pandemic Projects & Composite. In the greatest global drama of post-war history, photography has an eminent role to play – not only as a news medium, but also in art. Thirteen artists respond to the pandemic | Composite: A multifaceted view of contemporary photography, compiled by ten photographers nominated by ten critics and curators | Books on Cities: Pyongyang, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Rome | 25 Independent Photobook Publishers . . . and more.


Vilém Flusser: Einhundert Zitate – Herausgegeben von Rainer Guldin und Andreas Müller-Pohle. Vilém Flusser war ein Meister der pointierten Formulierung und aphoristischen Verdichtung. Erstmals liegt nun eine Sammlung mit Zitaten vor, die die Universalität seines Denkens widerspiegeln und die brennendsten Fragen der Gegenwart und Zukunft in ebenso scharfblickenden wie verblüffenden Einsichten auf den Punkt bringen. Edition Flusser, 2020. 128 Seiten, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, EUR 16. ISBN 978-3-923283-70-5. Jetzt im Buchhandel oder im Equivalence Shop

European Photography 106 on Youtube:
David Maisel, Dillon Marsh, Henk Wildschut, Ian van Coller, Alicja Wróblewska, Fabrice Monteiro, Lucas Foglia, Daniel Beltrá, and Daniel Chatard | Environmental Glossary | Books on the Environment, reviewed by Matthias Groll: Edward Burtynsky, Lynn Alleva Lilley, Claudius Schulze, Mandy Barker, and David T. Hanson | Gardens of Horror: Stone deserts as a new garden trend. A conversation with Ulf Soltau | Photo Festivals around the World: 22 top events in 2020 | Photo Encounters: From Athens to Białystok. Projects, stories, and ideas that we found on the way | Editor’s Pick: Fred Baldwin. Dear Mr. Picasso – No. 106, vol. 40, issue 2, winter 2019/2020. 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages. German/English. EUR 18.00 + postage

This picture by Nikita Pigorov, published in European Photography 98, was removed from our Facebook page on 8 April, 2016.

Media Partnerships 2020: European Photography welcomes Media Partnerships by cooperating with and promoting international initiatives and events. In 2020, we are again offering partnerships in two categories – prime partnerships and promotional partnerships. Email us for application guidelines.

European Photography 94 on Retro-Photography: “Retro as recourse to past aesthetics has always existed – the Renaissance, Historicism and Postmodernism were all retro-movements on a large scale. Today, we are once again experiencing such a trend towards creative remembering, also in the field of photography.” – Photo: Neil Krug

"We removed content you posted": This is the second time that Facebook has removed a picture from the European Photography page. It belongs to a series by German photographer Nils Klinger and was published in our current issue #90 on "Privacy".

The picture is accompanied by this detailed statement by the artist: "The work 'The Sleepers' was inspired by my personal insomnia. I took photos of my friends in their sleep. To do this, the room and bed were lined in black and the naked sleepers were illuminated only by a candle. Each photo was exposed for as long as the candle burnt. The result - the duration of sleep - is captured in a single frame, the time of sleeping bundled in the metamorphosis of their sleep movements, a partly auratic and partly grotesque accumulation of body fragments, the time lapse of which cannot be reconstructed. In these photos lies a paradox. What we subconsciously experience in our sleep is rendered real without us being able to recollect it." – Meanwhile, Facebook's "Operation Manual For Live Content Moderators" has been made available on the Internet, revealing surprising details about their "no nudity, no pornography" policy. It would seem, however, that in this case the Life Content Moderator did not understand the deleted photograph – or he/she hasn't read the manual down as far as point 8: Art nudity ok.

"We removed content you posted": photographed by Lorena Morin (from current Privacy issue #90), posted by European Photography, removed from Facebook page on 4 February, 2012

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Andreas Müller-Pohle: Araki at Work. A hitherto unpublished video, made in 1996 with a small digital camera, portraying Nobuyoshi Araki during a photo shooting at a Tokyo love Hotel. Published by Photo Edition Berlin, this video is now available in an edition of 99+IX on a USB card in an aluminium box. Introductory price EUR 99 plus shipping costs. View trailer of the 23-minute video here

Net Photography: The New Photography on the Internet. Introductory essay by Andreas Müller-Pohle. Order the full print issue of European Photography 88 here – The online directory for hand-picked photographers’ portfolios, initiated by Berlin-based artist Benjamin Füglister. Piclet also presents selected magazines, festivals and exhibition spaces. To apply, send your link to submission [at] or join Piclet on Facebook.

Interview with Andreas Müller-Pohle in European Photography's Anniversary Issue 85/86. 112-pp hardcopy available here

European Photography's 30th Anniversary Issue presents the most outstanding new work by 30 international photographers who were presented in earlier issues of European Photography: Akinbode Akinbiyi, Peter Bialobrzeski, Diana Blok, Dirk Braeckman, Mona Breede, Daniele Buetti, Edward Burtynsky, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Florschuetz, Gladys, Jim Goldberg, John Gossage, John Hilliard, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Carl de Keyzer, Mark Klett, Miao Xiaochun, Peter Neusser, Erwin Olaf, Roger Palmer, Max Pam, Martin Parr, Bernard Plossu, Ernestine Ruben, Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Heidi Specker, Frank Thiel, Norbert Wiesneth, Erwin Wurm, Martin Zeller. In a second portfolio section, new, cutting-edge photography by seven young and mid-career artists is featured. Also in this issue: an essay on "30 Years" by Boris von Brauchitsch and a conversation between Hans-Michael Koetzle and Andreas Müller-Pohle on the "secrets" of magazine publishing, current trends and how to combine being an artist and a publisher. Finally, “It is flourishing . . .” 7 Questions, 119 Answers is a survey among international critics, curators and photographers of their personal views . . . "Is there something you collect? What?" is one of the questions asked to Fred Baldwin, Chairman of FotoFest, and his answer is "Mostly bills, and an occasional photograph trade, and by accident – a million books, usually collected as I am going to the airport." 112 pages, texts in German and English, EUR 27.00

Photo Bubbles: Is the art photography market facing a crisis similar to that of the financial markets? There are numerous parallels. Manfred Heiting, a Los Angeles-based collector and editor, and Michael Maria Müller, photographer and owner of Artificial Image digital studio in Berlin, talk about a highly-charged taboo on the photo market. Published in European Photography 84 (Fall/Winter 2008). Download free PDF (62 KB) here

Cyber trash update: European Photography's blacklist of over 27,000 spammers (January 2016)

Photobook Award 2007/2008: Andreas Müller-Pohle. The Danube River Project. With an essay by Ivaylo Ditchev. Berlin: Peperoni Books, January 2008. ISBN 3-9809677-5-1. 176 pages, 72 reproductions. Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm, EUR 42.00. English/German

The Danube River Project

Artist's Index to European Photography nrs. 1–84

European Photography 1980–2010, the complete set of 88 original issues totalling 5,706 pages, is available in a limited number of copies. This collector's item can be ordered at EUR 2,020.00 plus shipping cost. Details here

A Serbian edition of Vilém Flusser's "Towards a Philosophy of Photography" has just been published by the Belgrade Cultural Center and Edicija Foto Artget. It is the 23rd foreign edition of this book which has now been translated into 18 languages

Eye-Mind – the artist's interface to European Photography in Berlin. Seminars, mini workshops, and individual in-depth portfolio reviews with Andreas Müller-Pohle. More at

Andreas Müller-Pohle: codeZone. Digital Works 1996–2005. Catalog Aura Gallery, Shanghai. 24 pp., with an essay by Gu Zheng. Download here (pdf, 1.5 MB)

Vilém Flusser: Vom Zweifel. Als Band I der Edition Flusser erschien im Verlag European Photography Vilém Flussers Traktat "Vom Zweifel", ein Frühwerk aus brasilianischer Zeit, das als philosophische Basis seiner späteren Foto- und Medientheorie gelten kann: "Der Zweifel ist ein vielbedeutender Geisteszustand. Er kann das Ende eines Glaubens sein, er kann aber zu einem neuen Glaubens führen. Der Zweifel beendet jede Gewißheit. Im extremen Fall kann man ihn als ‚Skepsis’ ansehen, als eine Art umgekehrten Glauben. In kleiner Dosis regt der Zweifel das Denken an, in übermäßig großer Dosis paralysiert er es. Als intellektuelle Erfahrung ist der Zweifel eines der reinen Vergnügen, als moralische Erfahrung ist er eine Qual. Zusammen mit der Neugier ist der Zweifel die Wiege der Forschung, folglich die Wiege eines jeden systematischen Denkens. In kleinen Tropfen tötet der Zweifel die Neugier und beendet jedes Wissen." – Vilém Flusser: Vom Zweifel. Übersetzung aus dem Portugiesischen von Edith Flusser. 64 Seiten, broschiert EUR 22,00

European Photography Cover Edition: European Photography has launched an edition of Iris Giclée prints of its spectacular cover images

Vilém Flussers "Die Schrift" und "Vampyroteuthis infernalis" jetzt als Neuauflagen in der Edition Flusser: Leseprobe hier

Felix Philipp Ingold über Vilém Flussers "Briefe an Alex Bloch"
(Edition Flusser, Band X), nachzulesen in der Basler Zeitung vom 27. Dezember 2001

Vilém Flusser: Standpunkte. Texte zur Fotografie (Edition Flusser Band VIII). Flussers Essay "Für eine Philosophie der Fotografie", 1983 erschienen, löste im deutschen Sprachraum eine lebhafte Debatte über das Kulturphänomen Fotografie aus, an der sich der Autor auf mannigfache Weise beteiligte. In der Folge entstanden zahlreiche Exposés, Skizzen und Werkanalysen sowie vertiefende und weiterführende Essays und Vorträge, die der vorliegende Band nahezu vollständig dokumentiert. Er zeigt Flussers zentrales Interesse am Medium Fotografie seit Ende der 70er Jahre und bestätigt ihn als einen der maßgebenden Kritiker und Philosophen der Fotografie dieses Jahrhunderts. "Ich bin ganz sicher, daß es die Aufgabe des denkenden Menschen ist, Standpunkte zu akkumulieren, eine Mehrzahl von Standpunkten zu haben. Ich interessiere mich für die Fotografie, weil die fotografische Kamera der erste Apparat ist, der gebaut wurde, um von Standpunkt zu Standpunkt zu springen. Nicht gleiten! Ich bin nicht begeistert vom Film. Springen!" (Vilém Flusser im Gespräch mit Klaus Nüchtern am 6.10.1990). Edition Flusser, Band VIII. 256 Seiten, 12 Abbildungen, Fadenheftung. Broschiert EUR 26,00, gebunden EUR 36,00